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Everything you need to draw out organic molecules

Benznote’s hexagon pattern will help you write chemical structures with ease!

Musicians have note sheets

Chemists now have Benznote.

Students taking Organic and Bio Chemistry can use Benznote to quickly and more accurately draw out structures while taking class notes or completing homework. Use Benznote and give yourself an advantage in your Organic and Bio Chemistry courses.

I am a lab tech at a secondary school and our chem teachers love Benznote paper for their students!!!


Love it! Exactly what I needed. I love that the paper is a little thicker than what a normal notebook paper is like. It keeps my notes looking neat and organized

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I love the quality of paper and the transparency level of the hexagons. What a great notebook. Perfect for OChem!!

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I work as an organic chemist at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE)…It looks really cool and it could be helpful for teachers, students and researchers.


Much more useful than the grid notebook! An interesting idea of ​​benznote… don’t suffer so much while taking notes

Asociación Nacional de Químicos de Espaňa, – ANQUE

Paper is good quality and ink doesn’t bleed through the pages. Good quality and perfect for organic chem.


I love how I can write hard on the paper and it won’t affect the next page. Even inky gel pens don’t bleed through the paper. 10/10 would recommend! I’m going to buy another as soon as I use up my current one.

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Used these notebooks to get through all of my organic chemistry classes, they were absolutely great!

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